Surround Sound is a unique opportunity for pupils and students from three very different educational settings in Cheltenham to produce music and art inspired by Bernie Krause’s soundscapes and spectograms – the extraordinary visual representations of the natural world’s orchestra of sound he has created from the recordings.

Working with innovative and inspirational educators the children and young people will compose music and create visual art, the results of which will form a very special collaborative performance at Cheltenham Music Festival on 12th July.

Surround Sound will:
• Develop listening, thinking, creative and performance skills in everyone involved
• Increase participants’ awareness of their own soundscapes, and give them the skills and confidence to express their personal responses through music and visual art
• Boost participants’ enjoyment of music and art, and enable them to contribute to, and play a part in, a collaborative performance

We will be working with pupils and students from:
• Bettridge School
A community Special School for pupils aged 2-19 with severe and complex learning difficulties
• National Star College
An independent specialist college working with learners who have physical, sensory or learning disabilities
• St Thomas More Primary School
A primary school for pupils of all faiths and abilities in Hesters Way, which is one of the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in England

William Carslake – Music Workshops Leader
Composer, conductor, musician, and music educator, William has led some of Cheltenham Festivals’ most successful music education projects over the last few years. An inspiring leader and passionate educator, equally at ease in both mainstream and special needs settings, his collaborative and inclusive approach always produces great results.
Dr Lizzie Burns – Art Workshops Leader
With a background in science, art and teaching Lizzie is highly skilled at using art as a medium to make science more accessible. In recent years she has worked with over 80 scientists to communicate their subject in new ways, and has engaged hundreds of children and adults in creative learning projects at Cheltenham Festivals.
Helen Kruger – Music Workshops Leader 2
Australian-born violinist Helen plays in a plethora of orchestras and ensembles, and directs the Little Baroque Company. With a strong interest in music education, she runs a String Programme at a London high school, and is a core member of the education team for the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. This is her first foray into Cheltenham Festivals, and we are delighted to have her on board.
Philippa Claridge – Project Manager
Philippa has a proven track record in devising and managing creative learning projects, and is adept at managing partnerships between Cheltenham Festivals, education settings, and practitioners. Passionate about making Cheltenham Festivals accessible to everyone, she is a great believer in the power of creative arts to transform the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people.